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Verde que te qinero verde. El barco sobre la mar. Y el caballo en la montañ Green, how I want you green. Green wind. Green branches.

The ship out on the sea and the horse on the mountain. With the shade around her waist she dreams on her balcony, green flesh, her hair green, with eyes of cold silver. Green, how I want you green.

Under the gypsy moon, all things are watching her and she cannot see them. Big hoarfrost stars come with the fish of shadow that opens the road of dawn. The fig tree rubs its wind with the sandpaper of its branches, and the forest, cunning cat, bristles its brittle fibers.

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But who will come? And from where? She is still on her balcony green flesh, her hair green, dreaming in the bitter sea.

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My friend, I come bleeding from the gates of Cabra. But now I am not I, nor is my house now my house. Of iron, if that's possible, with blankets of fine chambray. Don't you see the wound I have from my chest up to my throat? Your blood oozes and flees around the corners of your sash. Let me, up to the green balconies.

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Railings of the moon through which the water rumbles. Now the two friends climb up, up to the high balconies. Leaving a trail of blood. Leaving a trail of teardrops. Tin bell vineswere trembling on the roofs.

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A thousand crystal tambourines struck at the dawn light. Green, how I want you green, green wind, green branches. The two friends climbed up. The stiff wind left in their mouths, a strange taste of bile, of mint, and of basil My friend, where is she— tell me— where is your bitter girl? How many times she waited for you!

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How many times would she wait for you, cool face, black hair, on this green balcony! Over the mouth of the cisternthe gypsy girl was swinging, green flesh, her hair green, with eyes of cold silver. An icicle of moonholds her up above the water. The night became intimate like a little plaza. Drunken Guardias Civileswere pounding on the door.

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Promociones del Mes 1. Nuve de etiquetas. Tarot Conseil. Tirage de la gitane compartió un enlace. Struggles acquirers chants electroencephalogram. Tarot tzigane, le tirage de la gitane immédiat gratuit en ligne.

The ship out on the sea. And the horse on the mountain. Translated by William Logan. Il a lu cette poém quand j'ai réveillé ce matin, il est plus plaisant bien me lire que les journaux, et a très pensé la provocation. Aujourd'hui je suis lecture occupée le Tarot pour des dames, dans les intervalles que la poém sera dans mon esprit.

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Canut Merci: Aujourd'hui je suis fonctionnement occupé de maison, lecture le Tarot pour beaucoup de dames. I les intervalles que je me reposerai dans mon jardin et examinerai la poém. Très bon auteur. Merci de nous faire partager ce poème.